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Our first book is published, and it’s available at our Garden Infopoint


“This book invites us to enter the secret garden,

to follow its paths and adapt our state of mind to each of them,

in harmony with the plants and flowers that welcome us.”

Elio Franzini

Chancellor of the Università degli Studi di Milano


In the bustling center of Milan, there is a silent oasis of greenery, unexpected and romantic, which welcomes the visitor with large trees and a rich botanical heritage. Hemmed in between elegant buildings, the Brera Botanical Garden is a secluded spot, an open-air museum that still transmits the character that has distinguished it through the centuries of its history. Much loved by those who frequent it regularly, it is at the same time little known to many locals and tourists. Hence visiting it offers the experience of discovering an almost secret garden.


The book presents readers with an itinerary for its exploration, recounted for the first time by those who tend the garden daily. It entwines history and science, marked by the special features of the collections and the buildings that form the identity of this lively and ever-changing place. Our journey takes us to a garden that has its roots in the distant past, lives with commitment in the present and has its gaze on the near future.

BRERA BOTANICAL GARDEN (Mondadori Electa, 2019)

ISBN 9788891823267

216 pp. Italian/English

Edited by: Antonella Testa

Scientific Director: Martin Kater

Texts by: Paola Caccia, Martin Kater, Cristina Puricelli, Antonella Testa

With Contributions by Giorgio Bardelli, Agnese Visconti

Preface: Elio Franzini, Chancellor Università degli Studi di Milano

Introduction: Martin Kater, Director Brera Botanical Garden

Note. Contemplation: Giuseppe Scibetta, President Fondazione Pomara Scibetta