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Brera Botanical Garden. Via Gabba entrance/exit is temporarily closed.

From 16th September 2021
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Covid-19 Green Certification needed

From 6th August 2021
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Our first book is published! Available at our Garden Infopoint from 15th June 2021
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The three botanical gardens

The three botanical gardens of the University of Milan have as common mission to safeguard biodiversity through conservation of their collections and to valorize their heritage through research activity and educational programs.

However, each garden also stands out through its distinct identity.


The Brera Botanical Garden is a real Museum and distinguishes itself by being a historical garden dating from 1774, located in the heart of Milan and is part of the cultural center Palazzo Brera.

The Città Studi Botanical Garden is located within the Milanese science campus and has a strong scientific research imprint. The Herbarium Universitatis Mediolanensis is part of this garden and it preserves several botanical collections (herbaria, botanical wall charts, xylotheques).

The G.E. Ghirardi Botanical Garden is located in Toscolano Maderno close to Lake Garda. This garden is fully dedicated to a officinal plant species collection.


Apart from the broad range of differences that make each garden worth a visit, they all unify one common aspect and that is their immense beauty.

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Brera Botanical Garden

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