Botanical Gardens are privileged places where you can observe and study a wide variety of plant species from all over the world. These are ordered according to specific criteria – systematic, ecological, phytogeographic, ethnobotanical… – so creating collections where the scientific function and visual beauty go hand in hand.

In half an acre, Brera Botanical Garden houses about 1,000 species of herbaceous and shrubby plants along with secular trees. These are majestic plant patriarchs, which cannot be found anywhere else. In fact each plant boasts its own “uniqueness” which certainly depends on the species, but also, and most of all, on the particular history of each one of them.

By respecting the microclimate that characterizes it, the garden houses collections of plants grouped according to the family or the order of belonging, topics of specific interest or their use for humans, especially medicinal species.

Some sectors or flowerbeds are dedicated to the reconstruction of natural environments and contain the native flora of our local area which we rightly wish to highlight.