The Brera Botanical Garden runs projects for the care and study of its heritage, for the aesthetic and functional improvement of the Garden, to promote visitor attendance and programme educational initiatives and activities for schoolchildren and the general public.

Some of our recent projects, achieved in collaboration with various public and private partners, are mentioned below.

New information and public welcome setting of the Brera Botanical Garden


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The Project, supported by the Lombardy Region, foresees the installation of an equipped Infopoint, to provide information and welcome visitors to the Brera Botanical Garden. The Infopoint was opened in 2021.

The new Infopoint


2014-2017, 2018-2020, …

The Project aims to create a botanical and artistic path in search of the plant world depicted in the masterpieces at Brera’s Pinacoteca and of the one found in the Brera Botanical Garden.

Conceived by Aboca in 2014, it was launched in Brera thanks to the partnership between Aboca, Brera Botanical Garden, Pinacoteca di Brera, Associazione Amici di Brera e dei Musei Milanesi and improved during its development, when different target audiences were identified.

The first book of the Brera Botanical Garden


The book traces a path for the exploration of the Garden, including history and science, marked by the peculiarities of the collections and architectures, characterising the Garden.

It is the first published work devoted to the Garden encompassing its long history, in partnership with Fondazione Pomara Scibetta.

L’Orto Botanico di Brera (ed., Antonella Testa – Milano: Electa, 2019) with texts by Paola Caccia, Martin Kater, Cristina Puricelli, Antonella Testa and contributions by Giorgio Bardelli and Agnese Visconti, with a preface by Elio Franzini and Giuseppe Scibetta.

The new open-air schools area of the Brera Botanical Garden and the redevelopment of the Arboretum


Between December 2017 and June 2018, works on the Garden’s Arboretum, covering about one third of its surface, thanks to two projects, took place.

1. Landscape and scientific redevelopment. The paths were redesigned, outdoor rooms and the Pond of Thoughts were created, the existing collections were enhanced and the specimens number and species, increased. Together with the scientific supervision of the Botanical Garden and the landscaping project by the Atelier De Molfetta-Strode, works were carried out by the Construction Division of Milan University, which also created a new lighting system.
The project was supported by Milan University, with the involvement of several private bodies: BeOpen, Interni, ENI gas e luce, Aboca, Bulgari, Accademia del Profumo, Hearst.

2. The new open-air educational area was equipped, thanks to the support of Lombardy Region, Rotary Club Milano-Brera and AERA. This aims to welcome school groups and the general public, who can find information panels on the great laws of nature in the Arboretum.

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Summer view of the Arboretum

Innovative strategies for the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge of botanical collections and literature related to it


The Project, based on a Program Agreement financed by the Ministry of Education (MIUR, Law 6/2000), has allowed the enhancement of the botanical collections of three institutions: Padua’s Botanical Garden (leader), Brera’s Botanical Garden and Naples’s Botanical Garden (partners) together with the mounting of a traveling exhibition for the public (entitled Dalla Forma al DNA).

Integrated actions plan for heritage education and museum education


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The Project allowed several actions to inform the general public and make them aware of the collections: website, mailing list and newsletter, signage, participation in events, plant identification tagging, brochures and historical-scientific information booklets, …

Example of plants identification tag in the Garden

The Projects with the Network of Botanical Gardens of Lombardy


Since 2003, the Brera Botanical Garden has developed shared projects with the Network of Botanical Gardens of Lombardy (Rete degli Orti Botanici della Lombardia), supported and financed by institutional partners. Joint planning favors activities, coordinated by the botanical gardens, concerning an increase in the number of collections and the inservice training of staff, as well as communication and the promotion of culture and scientific research.