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Located in Milan city centre, the Brera Botanical Garden is a valuable resource for the community. Numerous functions and activities animate this special place. Adults and children, experts and occasional visitors will feel at home in the Garden and take advantage of its richness.

Conservation, dissemination, education and research, the main lines of action common to botanical gardens, in Brera find expression in the Garden’s daily activities. The numerous botanical collections housed in the flower beds that make up the formal part of the Garden, as well as the recently redeveloped Arboretum, enjoy continual care and study. The large trees, for example, receive regular maintenance, according to highly innovative management techniques, and, together with the other collections, they are safeguarded following scientific criteria and biodiversity conservation.

The Brera Botanical Garden is also a real museum, recognized by the Lombardy Region. The projects carried out and those in development are a way of making this wonderful open-air Museum ever more welcoming and in keeping with its mission.

You can take part in the initiatives of the Brera Botanical Garden Museum by supporting us in various ways; companies might want to become sponsors of particular projects, while individuals might, for instance, want to adopt a tree or a flower bed.

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